Mardi 07/04/2020

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Philanthropy Forum Next Gen on Circular Economy : témoignages en vidéos

Head of Philanthropy

Dans le cadre du Next Gen Philanthropy Forum sur l’économie circulaire organisé par Degroof Petercam au Havenhuis à Anvers, quatre entrepreneurs ont partagé leurs expériences, leurs succès, leurs échecs. Et leur envie d’entreprendre dans ce monde en mouvement.




Retrouvez leurs témoignages inspirants dans ces vidéos :

Thomas Samuel is a French engineer in industrial systems. Born in La Rochelle, this passionate sailor traveled the world and ended in the South.  In 2011 he founded Sunna, his social business developing solar and LED solutions to electrify rural areas off the traditional grid in emerging countries.  Thomas is convinced and proves you can change the world while being a successful entrepreneur. In 2014, Thomas was a laureate from the prestigious Innovators Unders 35 Prize from the MIT.


Denis De Wilde is a Belgian bio-engineer graduated from Ghent University. Visonary, Denis wants to raise awareness among consumers on the value of what is considered as value-less: waste.  As an entrepreneur, Denis has created a company recycling agricultural waste for bio-fuel. In 2015, Denis takes over a brewery with the help of his grand-parents and starts to brew from wasted water and organic bread. For Denis, circular economy is the key to sustainable economy and the opportunities it brings are endless.



Alice Grindhammer is from Berlin and graduated in Political Sciences from Sciences Po Lille and in Finance from ESCP Europe. During her previous work experience as a Business Developer in a recycling family business, Alice travelled to the fringes of global markets and implemented waste management processes in extreme environments. Alice also gained experience in waste management in war-torn regions during missions in military bases in Afghanistan. Through this work, Alice became passionate about a circular economy, an economic model which would avoid the production of waste by design.



Maayke Damen is from The Netherlands. She graduated from Utrecht University in Sustainable Development and from the University of Hong Kong. Maayke dreams of a world where waste would not exist. Taking her inspiration from nature to reform economic and industrial systems, she started her entrepreneurial journey by co-founding The Excess Material Exchange, a digital platform allowing companies to exchange exceeding materials avoiding it to be wasted. Next to that, Maayke is also Chapter Leader at the Singularity University (SU) in Amsterdam, leading the subject of technology for action towards climate change, water and energy management.




Retrouvez l’ambiance de cette soirée :