Saturday 28/03/2020

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What impact will Brexit have on both Belgium and its companies? [VIDEO]

It remains unclear under what conditions Great Britain will leave the EU. Nevertheless, Brexit will have a huge impact. Not only on the European Union itself, but also on the companies in the Eurozone. Belgium is no exception. The UK is our fourth most important business partner. So what should we expect and how can we prepare ourselves?

All these questions were tackled during an information session Bank Degroof Petercam organized. The theme of the evening was "Brexit to enter the next phase, how can corporates stay ahead of the game". Our panel of entrepreneurs had the opportunity to exchange views with two experts on European matters. On the one hand Herman Van Rompuy, former president of the European Council and former prime minister of Belgium andon the other hand, André Sapir, who is a professor at the Solvay Business School. The latter also used to be the advisor of both Romano Prodi and José Manuel Barroso when they were president of the European Commission.

Watch their vision for Europe in the 2 videos below.

Herman Van Rompuy

André Sapir